About JT Wordsmith

I do copywriting, content management, content research, SEO & other digital marketing stuff for a living. I’m a trained journalist, for whatever that’s worth. I do a little bit of this stuff freelance and I’m always interested to do some more website design / build (using cms’) and copywriting. I’m actually reasonably good at that.  

In the meantime, I use this humble little site to house blogs where I share some opinions. I endeavour to do so in an articulate and interesting way.

This site doesn’t make me much money unfortunately. I should probably write about the stuff I do for a living – that’s how it’s usually done – but let’s face it, that stuff is just not that interesting to read about. I’m reasonably sure I can write about some much more interesting and important stuff. Every now and then.  

Threats, compliments and offers can be sent to contact.