About JT Wordsmith

I do copywriting, content management, content research, SEO & some other digital marketing stuff for a living. I’m a trained journalist, for whatever that’s worth. I do a little bit of this stuff freelance and I’m always interested to do some more website design / build (using cms’) and copywriting. I’m actually not bad at that. Without being a developer. I’m definitely not a developer.

In the meantime, I use this humble little site to house blogs where I share some opinions. I aim to do so in an articulate and interesting way.

This site doesn’t make me much money unfortunately. I should probably write about the stuff I do for a living – that’s how it’s usually done – but let’s face it, that stuff is really boring to read about. I’m reasonably sure I can write about some much more interesting stuff. Every now and then. Mainly for enjoyment. And sometimes, to put some thought provoking ideas (hopefully) out there, into the digital sea.

Threats, compliments, arguments and offers can be sent to contact.