It’s 68 days since I have heard my Daughter’s voice, 68 days since I have held her, 68 days since we have been able to hang out. 68 days since my heart was whole.

The State has stolen my Daughter. I used to have a lot of faith in our government. Not anymore.

My ex ex partner has made a ridiculous claim against me. She’s accused me of breaking into her house. The New Zealand police and Judiciary decided to gobble up her story-telling, without interviewing me, without charging me with any kind of crime, and take my Daughter away from me. How the hell does that work? I still haven’t been interviewed. Just persecuted.

I was living my life happily and securely, operating under the delusion that we are a Democracy. That the concept of Natural Justice is a real thing. A notion that stipulates that people are innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.

That there is a process that allows people fair consideration, with legal representation, a contest of evidence versus evidence, ideas versus ideas. Ironic that I have to go to court, given that there are zero charges.

How do I get my Daughter back? That has been my focus for the last 68 days.

50/50 custody. As has been the case for 6 out of 7 years.


I have a lawyer. My ex ex partner has a lawyer. There is a government appointed lawyer. We’ve exchanged a bunch of affidavits. Very little is happening. The wheels of ‘justice’ are creaking and groaning with archaic, ponderous, inefficiency.

We have been to court once. It lasted about 15 mins. All it amounted to was a debate about when and how we go to court again and how much I’m going to fight. Not very encouraging.

The system is so heavily skewed in favour of the Mother in this situation that it has taken 9+ weeks for me to be able to get permission to spend 3 hours per week with my Daughter and now her Mother is obstructing that process as well.

It is the definition of a Kangaroo Court – a complete sham in my opinion. It’s worse than that. The opposite of Democracy. The opposite of the Natural Justice process.

I will never accept this version of the justice system. I can’t accept that this Family Court process is functioning correctly.

68 days is a very, very long time. Previously, the longest I have been separated from my Daughter was two weeks. That’s it, that’s the sum total since she was born. I have devoted a lot of my life to my Daughter since her birth 7 years ago. She is the best decision I’ve ever made.

This is no Democracy. This is a farce. This is not due process. This is not Natural Justice. This is not just. This is not equitable. This is not healthy. This is an abolition of my civil rights.

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